YouTube TV playlist UI added to Smart TV app


Google has previously stated that TV is one of YouTube’s main growth areas, and as such, the company has enhanced its YouTube app on smart TV platforms. This week, the YouTube app for TVs changes the way it handles playlists.

With its latest update, YouTube on Android TV and other smart TV platforms now displays a proper playlist UI when you click on a playlist. This is updated from the previous behavior, which simply played the entire playlist immediately.

The new UI displays the playlist with its name and other details on the left side of the screen, with options to ‘Play All’, ‘Loop’ and ‘Save to Library’. On the right side, the videos are listed in order, allowing users to start watching the playlist from any point.

Notably, we see this behavior rolling out to Android TV/Google TV devices on the latest app update, version 2.15.006. Another user tells us that he sees the same thing on a Samsung TV with app version 2.1.498. Like most YouTube features, however, it’s a safe bet that this is a server-side deployment.

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