YouTube TV app now supports picture-in-picture on iOS 15


Picture-in-picture (PiP) is a relatively old multitasking feature. It allows users to view a playing video in a small floating window that they can drag across the screen, while performing other tasks on the same device. Unsurprisingly, Apple was late to the party and didn’t implement this handy addition on iPhones until iOS 14. Ultimately, Better late than never. Despite the fact that iOS 14 has been available to developers for almost two years now, some companies are still taking their time implementing the PiP API. For example, Google is always test PiP support for the main YouTube app with Premium users. Surprisingly, the YouTube TV app on iOS just got support for this handy addition. For some reason, however, this requires iOS 15 or later – rather than iOS 14.


The company announced the availability of the feature on Twitter. iOS and iPadOS 15+ users can simply swipe up (or hit the home button on Touch ID iPhones) while watching a video in the YouTube TV app. This will trigger the feature and they can normally use their devices while the stream plays in a floating window. It should be mentioned, however, that users must have PiP enabled in the device Settings app for it to work.

YouTube TV is a paid service from Google exclusively available in the United States. It costs $64.99 per month and includes over 85 TV channels. The subscription is a Family plan default — allowing you to share it with up to five other people for free. It further allows you to record and store unlimited footage on Google’s cloud.

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