Xbox’s Cloud Gaming TV app reportedly less than a year away


Despite previous claims to the same effect, Microsoft’s Xbox Cloud Gaming TV app is now expected to launch sometime next year.

By corroborating the reports of Tom Warren of The Verge and GamesBeat’s Jeff GrubbMicrosoft’s Xbox Cloud Gaming TV app and puck are said to be on the horizon, however, there’s never been any doubt that Microsoft has been working diligently on the technology.

Time and time again Microsoft has reiterated its commitment to cloud gaming and bringing this technology into smart TVs, so all you would need to start playing is an Xbox controller, however, the timeline for exactly when we would get this technology has been nebulous at best.

Previously we heard Phil Spencer state, in an interview with The edgethat Xbox’s Smart TV app would be available “within the next 12 months”, and Microsoft itself says we’ll see something “soon”, but those release windows have been and are over, so now we’re aimlessly waiting one more time.

While Grubb’s new report that Microsoft plans to finally release an Xbox Cloud Gaming streaming device “within the next 12 months” is certainly something to look forward to, we’re hesitant to hope too much until we see something real. concrete from Microsoft themselves, as there have obviously been delays in the past.

Fueling belief in Grubb’s new report is Microsoft’s recent decision to make Fortnite from Epic Games free on Xbox Cloud Gaming, allowing anyone to play the game, even on iOS, only through a web browser, as long as you have a Microsoft account.


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