Xbox streaming stick and Microsoft’s TV app are less than 12 months away – again


In November 2020, Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer revealed that you’ll likely be able to stream Xbox games to your TV “within the next 12 months”. And, in June 2021, the company confirmed that it would soon offer both a Smart TV app and an Xbox streaming key to make it happen.

But it’s been 11 months since “soon” and 17 months since Spencer suggested it would be 12 months. And now, both VentureBeatis Jeff Grubb and The edgeby Tom Warren signal that the wait is not over.

Grubb now says we can expect the Xbox Puck “within the next 12 months”, which I remind you is the exact same phrase Spencer said 17 months ago, alongside the words, “I don’t think anything’s going to stop us from doing this.” (I’ll also remind you that Microsoft has already been developing a similar product for the past decade, but canceled it before its planned debut at E3 2016.)

But my colleague Tom – a man who doesn’t quite understand the meaning of the word “holiday” – and Grubb have good reason to believe that Microsoft is serious this time around. They’re both named launching a so-called “Xbox Everywhere” initiative within Microsoft, and they point out how Microsoft just did Fortnite free to play on any iPhone or Android phone or PC as a signal that initiative has legs.

We at The edge, spilled a lot of ink by writing about how well positioned Microsoft is with cloud gaming and how its Xbox Game Pass subscription service is the true next-gen Xbox, especially now that it’s buying Activision Blizzard and becoming one of the biggest games companies in the world.

Cloud gaming still has a lot to prove, but when you can just slap a controller on a phone and call it a portable Xbox or load it up on a machine like the Steam Deck, it’s hard not to see the potential.


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