What are Amazon Fire tablets and TV streaming sticks for?


What are Amazon fires for? The short answer is tablets and television. Amazon’s Fire brand is used for its tablets, which started out as budget bargains and have evolved into very impressive devices suitable for all sorts of people and uses, and for its TV streaming hardware such as its Fire TV keys.

Here’s what each type of fire excels at.

Amazon Fire tablets

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Amazon Fire tablets

With the latest update to the smallest Fire tablet, the entire line of Fire tablets offers decent performance at rock-bottom prices. Amazon is constantly updating the best Amazon Fire deals, so you can usually expect to save big on at least one of the current harvests.

As of this writing, Amazon makes Fire tablets in three sizes – seven-inch, eight-inch, and ten-inch – and in three different form factors: standard Fire tablets, Fire Kids Edition tablets with rugged cases and kid-friendly software, and Fire Plus tablets, which have higher storage capacities and wireless charging. Each model has a sale price: the 10-inch, 32GB Fire HD10 Plus is currently £189, or £179 if you don’t mind the lock screen ads.

If you’re looking for the best cheap tablets, the Fires should definitely be on your shortlist: they’re great value for money and they’re more capable than you might think, for example the HD10 Plus runs Microsoft Office. And the Kids Editions are brilliant, not least because they come with a no-hassle replacement warranty that covers accidental damage as well as hardware failure.

As with all Amazon branded kits, don’t pay the full RRP: if there’s no deal now, one will be available soon.

Amazon Fire TV Stick

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Amazon Fire TV Sticks

The other type of Amazon Fire is the TV streamer, which turns any TV into a smart TV with Amazon Prime Video and many third-party TV apps including Netflix and iPlayer. It’s important to note that other subscription services aren’t included in the price, so if you want to watch Netflix through your Fire TV Stick, you’ll need to purchase a subscription.

Early models were a bit underpowered, but the current lineup is excellent and there are still Fire TV Stick deals to slash the already low cost even further. Just make sure you get the right one: there’s an HD stick as well as a 4K one, and a super-cheap Lite version that still offers HD but doesn’t control your TV. I’d recommend buying the best you can afford: right now my pick would be the Fire TV Stick 4K Max.


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