Unfreeze a frozen Apple TV app


Q I have an app on my fourth generation Apple TV that freezes every now and then, and the only way to get out of it is to unplug the whole Apple TV box. Is there an easier way to get back to the home screen?

A. As with apps on Mac computers and Apple iOS devices, you can force quit a misbehaving tvOS program without having to unplug anything. Next time an app freezes, quickly double tap the TV button Apple TV remote. When you do, Apple TV goes into application switch mode used by iOS devices, where you see a series of app preview windows on the screen.

If the misbehaving app isn’t already selected, use the Apple TV remote’s touchpad to swipe left or right until you land on the app you want to close. With the app preview window selected, swipe up on the remote’s touchpad to force close the program.

Restart Apple TV can help prevent the force-closed app from freezing again. You can restart it from the remote control by holding down the TV and Menu buttons until the light on the front of the box flashes. You can also use the remote to go to the Settings app on System and select Restart. (While you are in system settings, you can also check Apple TV software updates or turn on automatic updates.)

The remote control can be used to rearrange apps or delete them as well as. To move an application, select its icon and press the touchpad on the remote control. When the icon starts to move, slide your finger on the touchpad until you get to where you want it. Press the touchpad again to release the icon. To delete a mobile app, press the Play/Pause button and choose Delete.


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