UK TV app FilmRise lets users stream favorite UK shows for free


Looking for more free content? Still. Now UK TV fans have another way to stream their favorite shows from across the pond without adding another subscription to their monthly streaming bill.

The FilmRise British TV app offers the largest selection of free British movies and TV, allowing users to stream popular shows including Midsomer Murderslongtime favorite Doctor Martin, McCallumdetective comedy Angrycrime dramas Wycliffe, blue murder, Cadfael, The Jury, Kavanagh QCand know coronation street and fallout Emmerdale to name a few, all for free.

Additionally, FilmRise British TV also offers content from Canada, Australia and New Zealand, so you can stay up to date with shows like the famous Australian miniseries. The slapcanadian boxing comedy Little dog and New Zealand’s favorite true crime I am innocent.

The FilmRise British TV app is available for free on Roku, Amazonnotand more.

FilmRise BritishTV Highlights

Crime dramas:

  • Midsomer Murders (also on BritBox + AcornTV)
  • Wycliffe (also on BritBox)
  • McCallum (also on AcornTV)
  • Case histories
  • city ​​of murder
  • blue murder (also on BritBox)
  • touch evil
  • UFO
  • Cadfael (also on BritBox)
  • The Jury (also on BritBox)
  • QC (also on BritBox)
  • War of the Worlds


  • Doctor Martin (also on AcornTV)
  • Shameless
  • peep show
  • Highlights
  • Don’t misbehave
  • Father Ted
  • Miranda
  • Young Dracula
  • coronation street (also on BritBox)
  • Emmerdale (also on BritBox)
  • Angry (also on AcornTV)
  • NYLON (Rachida Jones)

Australian / Canadian / New Zealand titles:

  • Little dog
  • Lexx
  • The Ray Bradbury Theater
  • PSI Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal
  • border town
  • guardian of dreams
  • neon jumper
  • mom pi
  • Traders
  • The slap
  • welcome to paradox
  • I am innocent

British films:

  • Brideshead revisited (ft. Jeremy Irons) (also on BritBox)
  • Love + Hate
  • lawn dogs (with Sam Rockwell + Mischa Barton)
  • Browsers
  • dogs eat dogs (ft. Ricky Gervais)
  • body song
  • Splendid Hotel (with Daniel Craig and Toni Collette)
  • some voices (with Daniel Craig)
  • Shopping (ft. Sean Bean)
  • god on the rocks (with Minnie Driver)
  • vroom (with David Thewlis and Clive Owen)
  • Youth Will
  • Driving lessons (ft.Rupert Grint)
  • Wycliffe and the cycle of death
  • The mighty Celtic (ft. Gillian Anderson)
  • accidental love
  • Railway children
  • farm animal
  • George and the dragon
  • buried treasure
  • The Incredible Mr. Blunden
  • Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
  • Survivor (with Milla Jovovich & Pierce Brosnan)
  • An American werewolf in Paris
  • The guilty

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