The YouTube TV app can now use your Android or iOS device as a remote


If you use the YouTube TV app to stream videos to your smart TV, I’m sure you know the struggle of using a remote to navigate the platform or comment using the on-screen keyboard. To solve this inconvenience faced by many, YouTube has now come up with a solution that allows them to interact with a YouTube video on the TV through their smartphones. Check out the details below now!

The YouTube mobile app now syncs with the YouTube TV app

YouTube recently shared an official blog post to announce the new feature that allows users to seamlessly connect their Android and iOS device to the YouTube TV app. With this, the YouTube app on smartphones will be synchronized with the YouTube TV app and allow users to comment, subscribe or like a video on the TV through their smartphones in real time.

FundamentallyYouTube wants you to use the YouTube app for mobile devices as a remote control for the YouTube TV app to perform tasks on the platform, which was otherwise a problem with the TV remote. You can check out the GIF below to get an idea of ​​how the feature works.

The YouTube TV app can now use your Android or iOS device as a remote

YouTube says that according to studies and user reports, 80% of people use a companion device, such as their smartphone, when watching a YouTube video on their TV. Therefore, the new feature from the Google-owned video streaming giant will now allow users to quickly sync their mobile apps and YouTube TV in real time.

This can be done through a fairly simple process. You will only have to open YouTube TV and the mobile app and then tap on the Connect option which will appear automatically. You need to make sure that both devices have the same YouTube account logged in. As part of the setup, if you pause the video on your smartphone, it will also pause on your TV.

Regarding availability, YouTube says that it started rolling out the new feature for users from today. So make sure to update the YouTube app on your smartphone to get the feature. Also, if the feature is live for you, let us know your experience in the comments below.


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