The Pokémon TV app is finally coming to Nintendo Switch


fans now have even more ways to take advantage of the sprawling franchise’s offerings on Nintendo Switch. The Pokémon TV app has finally . It includes hundreds of episodes from the Pokemon animated series, including some full seasons, as well as animated specials.

Kids (and adults, if we’re being honest) can also kick back and stream Pokémon trading card game and video game competitions. They can also get workout tips. There are also some for the youngest Pokémon fans. The Junior category includes sing-along songs, nursery rhymes and more. Contained in is updated periodically.

Pokémon TV appeared in 2010 on official site. followed in 2013.

Although the Switch eShop has hundreds and hundreds of games, there are very few media apps. You can launch YouTube, Hulu, and Funimation, but Netflix and Prime Video are nowhere to be found (unless you jailbreak your Switch). Another streaming app from a brand so tied to Nintendo’s DNA could keep people hooked to their Switch for even longer. Still, it feels like the Pokémon TV app should have been on the console a long time ago.

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