The Google TV app just gave you its first real reason to use it


A new option will notify you when content is available for free

The Google Play Movies & TV app was rebranded as Google TV not too long ago, and in the process it’s changed from a storefront of movies and TV shows available on the Play Store to a hub which serves as the hub of your entertainment experience, integrating with many of your video streaming services. The app also has a Watchlist, where you can add shows and movies to remind you to watch them later. Now Google is making that watchlist a little more useful with notifications that alert you once content becomes available for free on any of your connected streaming services.

These new notifications were first spotted by 9to5Google. Now, not only will the watchlist serve as a watchlist, but it will also proactively let you know whenever any of the items saved on it become free. This is part of a new “Available to watch for free” option in the app’s settings, which is enabled by default.

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The language surrounding this “available for free” isn’t clear, as you might think the app will tell you about all the movies or shows available to watch for free on the Google storefront, but it’s much more likely that it’s alerts you when content becomes available on one of your go-to streaming services. Unfortunately, it’s hard to test these notifications right now, given that streaming services aren’t exactly predictable when it comes to updating their libraries. But no matter which of these two options is the right one, both make the watchlist much more useful.

This feature is live on Google TV version 4.29, which is rolling out to the Play Store, so if you’re interested, be on the lookout for an update. Alternatively, you can download the APK from Mirror APKtoo much.

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