Tennis TV app not working properly on Apple TV after recent update


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Tennis TV is the official streaming service of the ATP World Tour. The service is available on various platforms such as Apple TV, iOS and iPad OS.

However, over the past few hours, users of the Tennis TV app for Apple TV have been facing various issues related to both app performance and picture quality.

According to several reports (1, 2), the latest Tennis TV update for Apple TV had serious performance issues and its performance was seriously affected.

Also, while most of the reported issues come from Apple TV users, users of other Apple platforms, such as iOS and iPadOS, suffer from similar situations.

Tennis TV app performance and image quality issues after latest update

Reports from disgruntled users agree that the problems started since the latest Tennis TV app update arrived. First, image quality and overall performance are now worse.

TennisTV quality

Has anyone noticed that the quality of TennisTV has deteriorated since the update? I find it has a noticeably worse frame rate and is more choppy than before. I checked my internet speed and my other streams are all perfectly fine. Someone else?

In addition to the above, the functionality of the app has also been limited after the update. For example, some users are reporting that they can no longer rewind during live matches.

It’s awful. I watch on my laptop and find that I can’t rewind live matches to replay a cool shot or moment. It keeps bringing me back to live streaming. Which is honestly unforgivable for a paid stream. They really ruined everything.

Also, as mentioned at the beginning, the problems are not limited to Apple TV as iOS and iPadOS users also face multiple performance issues.


Continuous connection issue bothering users

One of the most annoying issues brought by the latest Tennis TV update is that the platform now constantly asks the user to log in.

what did you do with the app??? the updated version is horrible: streaming quality/resolution has been reduced, we are constantly being asked to reconnect (going to a letter url 353985346!), and it’s so clunky to navigate!!! simply awful!

In addition, the connection process is now more cumbersome. To do this, the user must use an excessively long URL each time the system requests it.


The Tennis TV team is already aware and working on a fix

Fortunately, the Tennis TV team is already aware of the reported issues. They also state that they are working to resolve them as soon as possible. But, there is still no ETA for a fix.


So, all that remains is to wait for the update with the necessary corrections to be sent. Finally, we’ll update this article when that happens to keep you informed.

Update 1 (January 26)

3:27 p.m. (IST): Tennis TV has confirmed that the issue where the app was not working on Apple TV has been resolved with the update to version 3.0.3.

Some users were repeatedly disconnected from their Apple TV device. This is now fixed since 01/07/22. Users should download the latest version of the app – version 3.0.3 – to fix this issue. (Source)

Additionally, Tennis TV users on Roku are also facing a similar issue where the app fails to load and returns to the main Roku screen. Additionally, one of the affected users complaints that the developers at Tennis TV are aware of the issue and are working on a fix.

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