Tech Review – ROXi Karaoke Mic and TV App


Most of us know or have tried karaoke in our day and it’s a great entertainment platform that you would see a lot on holidays and in pubs and it’s a great idea for entertaining the family at home house and so on. the last two years would be a more familiar place to use such equipment, but with things turning now it won’t be long before karaoke is in full swing again in local bars where after a few pints you might become brave and understand this mic, something I’ve tried in the past and failed miserably.

Over the years this has been brought into the home and it’s great for family gatherings and over Christmas time I’ve tired this with my family and friends, none of whom wanted to be featured in my video , but too bad, but there was a lot of fun had with it and spent a lot of time. I remember when I was a kid when karaoke machines came out and then they got built into consoles which is more my scene and I tried again with the same results and I just sat down and I watched the rest explode.

The ROXi system is still simple though, with no expensive hardware required to get started and there’s now a new TV app we’ve already talked about here onsite. This makes access even easier for everyone and can give you something to do if you’re bored and want to liven things up. The mic itself is easy to use with just two slide buttons and a power key and that’s it.

Setup is simple and only takes a few minutes with the kit tested which was an Amazon Fire mic and dongle. If you have a compatible TV you can download the app and a software update is all that was needed in my case and you are good to go. Right now the UI is clean and easy to navigate and similar to YouTube but you can check out the video below to learn more and what you find in the UI which is easy to use which for me is important and ideal for family use whatever happens the age they have.

All in all, this is an affordable home entertainment package that’s great for family and friends and if you love your music, it’s a real bonus. There’s over 140,000 songs to choose from and a cool game to guess the track, there’s also a premium plan you can sign up for and you get a free mic, that’s little money if it’s your stuff and we probably all have enough subscriptions right now and while i’m here it’s a good time to check out what you really need and maybe save some pounds i’ve made and canceled some loads, then leave you free to spend your money elsewhere and if music is your thing, maybe this could be an option for you and your family.


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