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Sony has announced new premium TVs that work on Google TV. This software will also control TVs from other brands and make a media player like Chromecast with Google TV unnecessary. Here’s what you need to know about Sony TVs.

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Google TV on new Sony TVs

Sony announced new TVs in a varied series at CES. Formats, technical specifications and suggested retail prices vary considerably. All TVs run on Google TV, Google’s new Smart TV program.

Google TV is the successor to Android TV, the software installed on older TVs from Sony, Philips and Xiaomi, among others. Google TV looks more modern and should run more smoothly with more emphasis on viewing movies and series through streaming services.

It is useful to know that the Google TV home screen displays personalized advertisements in the form of films and series that may be of interest to you. You cannot simply opt out of this form of advertising.

Useless media player

Having Google TV on Sony TVs means you don’t need a media player to use apps. Google TV also has Chromecast support, so you can cast photos directly from your smartphone to the big screen. Easy to use, as a separate media player like Chromecast with Google TV costs 75 euros.

Sony TVs with Google TV are also suitable for voice control via the Google Assistant.

Sony arrives in Holland

New Sony TVs will also be launched in the Netherlands. Models with LCD display, OLED display and mini LED display are available in different screen sizes. Some expensive TVs are also suitable for Apple AirPlay 2. Sony will announce retail prices and release dates for the TVs soon.

Google TV on more TVs

Sony isn’t the only brand installing Google TV software on (more expensive) TVs. TCL already does this in the United States, and also on TVs worth a few hundred euros. Philips should also install Google TV instead of Android TV on new TVs.

More and more media players with Google TV are also appearing. It was recently announced that Realme will sell its 4K TV Stick in the Netherlands.

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