Some Movies Have No Sound When Played Through Apple TV App and Nobody Knows Why


As great as the Apple TV app is for people who don’t have an Apple TV, it seems some people find that it doesn’t always play certain movies when purchased and streamed. According to several reports, some content lacks sound when played through the TV app.

Flagged by multiple people on social media and Reddit before being picked up by 9to5Mac, the issue does not affect all content or all users. These are the worst types of issues to try and diagnose and it seems Apple has failed to do so. In fact, Apple’s response appears to be to issue refunds to people – and even then, it’s not doing so for everyone affected by the issue.

To make matters worse, customers are getting mixed results when contacting Apple Support about the issues. Apparently Apple Support can’t fix the issue and serve up a fresh copy of the movie with the music intact. Instead, they seem to just reimburse anyone who complains about it.

It’s unclear what’s going on here, and it seems to affect multiple devices across multiple platforms.

One option might be to pick up an Apple TV 4K to see if that’s more reliable, though. By the way, these are the best Apple TV deals we’ve seen.


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