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YouTube TV has been in a strange place on Roku for the past few months, with the app being removed from the store and only working for current users. Now, we might see some side effects of it, as Roku’s latest update seems to have broken YouTube TV, causing the service to freeze.

This article has been updated to reflect Roku’s response and more information.

Users on the Roku Forums say that the latest Roku update caused issues on the YouTube TV app, causing playback to freeze regularly every few minutes or even more often. The issue appears to affect both Roku players and Roku TVs from manufacturers such as TCL and Hisense.

The exact cause of this issue is unclear, but a common thread appears to be a recent Roku OS update that hit devices over the past week. It wasn’t until Friday, November 19 that users started reporting this behavior en masse. However, this could easily be an issue on Google’s side as well.

Google says on Twitter that it is working on a fix for this issue (h/t Geek Reviews).

Update 23/11: Roku has confirmed issues with Roku OS 10.5 causing freezing issues, with the company saying these issues primarily affect older streaming boxes and TVs.

A small portion of users who own some older Roku TV models or older Roku Ultra players are experiencing issues with the latest firmware update, OS 10.5.

Roku recommends affected users check for a system update on their device.

Meanwhile, YouTube TV freezing issues seem to be affecting more than just Roku. Some intermittent user reports claim that the issue affects other smart TV platforms, including Apple TV, Fire TV, consoles, and even Android TV. In a tweetYouTube confirms that it is aware of these issues.

Update 11/24: In a statement sent to 9to5Google, Roku adds.

We are aware of the YouTube TV issue occurring on Roku devices as well as other streaming platforms and all teams are working diligently to resolve the issue.

A common troubleshooting step for issues like this is to remove the YouTube TV channel from the Roku device and then reinstall it, but it is not available as it is. Roku and YouTube are still feuding, which has left the YouTube TV app unavailable on the Roku Channel Store for months, with Google inserting a clever workaround into the standard YouTube app to keep the service available for new and old. users. However, the standard YouTube app is to be removed from Roku starting next month.

It is unclear whether the fix for this YouTube TV freezing issue should come from Google or Roku. If so, it may prove difficult if the fix requires a full app update, as the app is no longer in the Channel Store. In any case, we hope to see this problem fixed soon.

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