Redesign of the Google TV application with deployment of the Highlights stream


As announced in March, Google TV is rolling out a redesign that adds a “Highlights” news feed and revamps other parts of the Android app.

“For You” is the new “Home” tab, and it takes the second position in the bottom bar. The only real change here is the removal of the top tabs for “Movies” and “Shows”, although shortcuts to view just those category suggestions are available by scrolling down.

‘Store’ is the next section and will become very important when the ‘Movies & TV’ store disappears from Google Play starting this month.

Meanwhile, “Library” and “Watchlist” were combined into “Your Stuff”. The Watchlist is the first tab (at the top), followed by “Movies” and “Series”. These provisions are otherwise unchanged and lead to a somewhat regrettable consolidation since the rapid access to the library is impacted.

Today, the big addition is Highlights to surface YouTube videos, news, reviews, and other articles related to the movies and shows you care about. Articles open in Chrome’s custom tabs, while there’s a button next to Share that loads “Related Highlights.” A bullet in the top left corner opens the Google TV listing for that page where you can like or dislike.

This seems to be the only way to fix the flow. From brief use, the Highlights UI has too much empty space and could be denser.

Read articles about the entertainment you love or follow the next big thing, all in one place.

Google TV version 4.32.50 with this Highlights redesign is rolling out through the Play Store. It notably doesn’t bring the redesign of Material You that Google unveiled in March, nor the redesign of the tablet with navigation rail previewed last week.

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