Pokemon TV app lands on Switch: watch all things Pokemon


(Pocket-lint) – You can now sideload the Pokemon TV app on your Nintendo Switch to watch all Pokemon, including episodes and full seasons of long-running cartoon shows.

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The multimedia streaming application launched in 2010 via a official site, then arrived in 2013 and, in 2019, it was released for smart TVs. Now Pokemon TV is available for free on Switch from Nintendo Online Store. To coincide with this new launch, the Pokemon TV app is announcing a “Junior” category that features programming specifically aimed at younger viewers. It highlights and regularly updates content such as sing-along songs, nursery rhymes, etc.

The Pokemon TV app also features videos loaded with tips and tricks, competitive Pokemon shows such as Trading Card Game and Video Game Competition, and hundreds of episodes of the Pokemon animated series, including seasons complete and animated specials. You can read more about the app below.

The Switch eShop, which offers hundreds of games, includes YouTube, Hulu, and Funimation. However, Netflix and Prime Video are noticeably absent.

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Written by Maggie Tillman.


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