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Every episode of OUR TRUTH is meant to bring you happiness and food for thought

“When we live in our authentic truth and reconnect to our true nature, we become the greatest gift to ourselves and to the world around us.”

— Corinna and Isabelle Cott Creators of OUR TRUTH

PALM SPRINGS, CALIFORNIA, USA, May 31, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — OUR TRUTH TV Program premieres on the Natural TV channel and will stream on Roku TV, it’s You Tube channel https:// www.youtube.com/channel/UCm9yDvFu5D-QxqdjygZPAew with its website www.naturaltvchannel.com every Tuesday starting May 31 at 7:30 p.m. PST.

OUR TRUTH are inspirational musical artists and twin sisters Corinna and Isabelle Cott. Born and raised in Germany, the twins are now based in Los Angeles. In their program, they will share their inspirational ideas about life as well as their music and colorful illustrations – all to uplift and empower the viewer.
The sisters believe that “when we live in our authentic truth and reconnect to our true nature, we become the greatest gift to ourselves and to the world around us. We are excited to share our music, inspirational messages and art with you on the Natural TV channel! Every episode of OUR TRUTH is meant to bring you happiness and food for thought.

Natural TV Channel’s goal is to be a premier source of information, education, and a resource on all things natural.

The objective of the Natural television channel is to be at the forefront in the world of natural products and alternative medicine, as well as products and services concerned with preserving the environment and promoting eco- awareness. This is possible because the world of natural products and alternative medicine has established its credibility and respect among consumers and professionals.

Over the past few decades, products and technologies have evolved into some of the most sophisticated science in the world today. The products have established efficacy, clinical trials have been conducted and hundreds of thousands of lives have been improved by natural products and alternative treatments. It is their mission to seek out these unique products, along with the world’s best scientists and practitioners, to create a vehicle and platform through which the incredible benefits of these can be revealed.

The vision of the Natural TV Channel is to be one of the most important information and education resources for natural products and alternative medicine used by people around the world.

The founders are committed to staying abreast of the latest scientific and technological advances, as well as new discoveries regarding unique natural products, in order to use them to create a better way of life and a healthier way of life, for communities around the world. whole world. They believe in the old adage that “An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure” and recognize that education regarding natural health practices, prevention and awareness is greatly needed in our society. According to one of the founders, Dr. Terry Warren, I am committed to educating people and promoting a higher level of consciousness in order to preserve the environment and improve the quality of life on a global scale.

The Natural TV Channel’s approach is to provide an unparalleled wellness experience by offering programming regarding comprehensive natural health information, interviews with leading health professionals and talks about 100 products. % natural and eco-friendly for family, household and pets. Whether it’s nutrition research, wellness, disease management or condition-specific solutions, Natural TV Channel will provide viewers with content-rich programming provided by doctors, scientific advisors, specialists health, alternative health practitioners and subject matter experts from around the world.

All facets of the media, along with doctors and nutritionists, are pushing consumers towards “all things healthy”. Fast food outlets are offering healthier choices, everything is moving towards “respecting the environment”, natural healing methods are becoming accepted alternatives to traditional medicine and the entry of the hybrid vehicle, all of this is a testament to the will of this nation to adopt conservation methods and natural methods and products. There are millions of baby boomers peaking at retirement age. They are very health conscious and seek every possible benefit to improve their health. The Natural TV channel will offer content and programming tailored to the needs and lifestyles of children to seniors.

The natural TV channel will launch on Roku TV and social media with plans to add Amazon Fire and Apple TV in the coming months. There is also www.naturaltvchannel.com where you can see the programs and where the programs will be archived.

The channel will include interviews, talk shows, product presentations, technology demonstrations, news and documentaries. They are currently creating content, reviewing programs and interviewing potential programmers. The channel will also offer advertising opportunities.

For more information about the channel and to be part of the channel, email them at [email protected]

For more information on OUR TRUTH and to learn more about Corinna and Isabelle Cott, please contact: [email protected] and visit their website at www.ourtruthmusic.com

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