New IMDb Fire TV app helps you find what to watch with games


There are literally thousands of content options to watch, and there are STILL times when we can’t decide what to settle on. Fortunately, IMDb has something to help Fire TV owners through this difficult process. There’s a new Fire TV app from IMDb that will help you find what to watch alongside games.

Now when you’re hanging out with a bunch of friends arguing over what to watch – the pizza gets cold and the soda gets hot – the last thing you want to think about is playing games, but that might makes it work. It is a new version that will let you all choose a movie or a show.

The IMDb What To Watch app has mini-games to help you decide something

For starters, this app is completely free and exclusive to Fire TV customers in the United States. When you start, the app chooses a selection of movies or shows based on your viewing history. Then the games begin! There is only one a handful of games, But it is okay. You don’t want to spend time looking for a game just to help you find a movie.

A game is called Quickly draw. What this game does is represent movies or shows as playing cards, and it “deals” them to you. If you don’t like the options it gives you, you can ask the app to give you three more random choices.

Another is called This or that. This game is quite simple. You are given a series of this or that questions to answer. Answering these questions will narrow this search and help the app find something for you.

There are several other games you can play if you’re looking for something to watch. You can get this app if you have an Amazon Fire TV or any other Amazon Fire TV streaming device.

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