Lobby Kids Return to Prime Video | TV/Streaming


Technically, what premieres on Friday could be called the sixth season of the original show – it just so happens there was a gap of 27 years. What’s so refreshing is how intact the chemistry between these guys remains. In fact, it’s arguably stronger than the end of the series and “Brain Candy,” a time in their lives when the kids didn’t exactly get along (and the less said about “Death Comes to Town” by 2010, the better). The guys burst into the series premiere with no desperation to please. That was always a big part of why they worked – they only tried to do what they thought was funny, never too concerned about whether you were laughing or not. And they’re using the license of Prime Video’s lack of advertisers to push the boundaries that maybe even HBO would object to. Let’s just say you’ll see more Kids than ever before.

There’s also a nasty cynicism to the episodes sent to the press in that it feels like the Kids’ sense of humor is darker than ever, somehow reflecting where we’re all at in the years. 2020. Yes, a show that once featured Hitler fucking a child’s ass was always a bit vicious, but something seems even more nihilistic here from the sketch of a dying old man unable to convince a child from sending an ambulance because he can’t pronounce it, to an absolutely amazing track from a rock ‘n’ roll DJ after the apocalypse, playing the same song over and over. This is one of Dave Foley’s best sketches.

And that’s what’s so fun about having new kids in the hall — seeing these great comedic actors still be able to hit a home run once in a while. The five guys have big moments in the episodes sent to the press, sketches built on their comedic personalities and yet they don’t remotely feel like a lazy reunion tour. These guys don’t just recycle materials. They are always hilarious, smart and sometimes brutal. It makes me very happy to say that the children are still doing more than well.

Five episodes screened for the press. Premieres on Prime Video May 13and2022.


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