‘Judy Justice’ Sets Return Date on Amazon’s IMDb TV Streaming Channel – Deadline


Judy Justice, the recently launched IMDb television series starring judge Judy Sheindlin, will return on January 24 with new weekday episodes.

Along with announcing the date, Amazon-owned IMDb TV also announced the launch of a 24/7 streaming channel dedicated to the show, allowing viewers to immerse themselves in it at any time. moment. Sheindlin began a new career chapter last November with Amazon after a 25-year relationship with CBS Media Ventures ended disharmoniously. (In an interview last June with The Wall Street Journal, Sheindlin said what had been a “beautiful marriage” was heading for a “divorce from Bill and Melinda Gates.”)

The new series incorporates many proven elements of Judge Judy. (Upcoming case names include “Beauty Salon Brawl,” “Feuding Cousins,” and “Unwanted Dog Pregnancy.”) Randy Douthit and Amy Freisleben, who spent 25 years with Sheindlin on her previous show, are back in roles keys on Judy Justice, with Douthit executive producing and directing and Freisleben co-executive producing. Former CBS executive Scott Koondel is also an executive producer.

On IMDbTV, the Judy Justice will be flanked by 50 other destinations known in the industry by the acronym FAST, short for ad-supported free television. Although advertising is growing on on-demand streaming, FAST has also become a key component for hubs such as Roku Channel, Tubi and Peacock, which followed Pluto TV’s early efforts at live programming. Other channels hosted on IMDb TV focus on Supermarket sweep and episodes hosted by Bob Barker of The price is right. The others are organized by themes like comedy and animation, or are partnership offerings like Tiny House Nation, Electric Now, America’s Test Kitchen, Crime 360, and This Old House.

IMDb TV’s larger strategy, which offers a list of originals as well as library rates, is Amazon’s effort to gain traction in advertising. Streaming video has taken center stage in this push. In addition to ad-free Prime Video, the company’s streaming portfolio includes the gamer-centric live programming hub Twitch and a growing live sports operation. The sport will take a big step forward this year with the arrival of exclusive NFL broadcasts on Thursday nights in the fall, the start of a historic 11-year rights deal.

In its first-ever presentation at NewFronts last spring, Amazon said its video offerings reached 120 million ad-supported streaming viewers, up from 20 million in January 2020. IMDb TV, which launched in 2019 under the Freedive’s name before the rebranding, saw 138% year-over-year viewership growth. Although the parent company does not break down advertising as a line item in its financial reports, it is the dominant portion of the revenue category labeled “other”. In its most recent quarter, Amazon’s “other” revenue jumped 49% from a year earlier to $8.1 billion. As a digital advertising heavyweight, it is closing the gap with long-time rivals Facebook and Google.


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