Installation of the Android TV application via smartphone deployed to a greater number of users



More users can install apps on Android TV through phones

With this new function, Google tries to solve the problem of browsing apps on the Play Store on a smart TV

The new feature was previously available to a limited number of users.  Credit: Reuters Photo

Google has started rolling out features that allow users to install apps on their Android-enabled smart TVs through their phones.

Now users can finally install an app on their Android TV devices from the Play Store on their smartphone. The option only appears for apps available on Android TV, reports GizmoChina.

With the new feature, Google is trying to solve the problems with browsing Play Store apps on a smart TV.

The only requirement is that the same Google account is signed in to both the smartphone and the Android TV device.

The feature added a drop-down menu to the Install button on the Google Play Store, which displays a list of smart devices registered to an account.

One can tap the checkbox next to Android TV and tap the Install button to get the app on Android TV.

The new feature was previously available to a limited number of users; who have installed the latest version of the Play Store. It is now available for more users worldwide.

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