Hulu updates its Android TV app with a new UI and Live TV


When you ask people to list some popular TV and movie streaming services, we almost always see Hulu in the mix. At the beginning of 2019, the company boasted of having passed the milestone of 25 million subscribers. That number is still a far cry from Netflix’s numbers, but any streaming service with 25 million paid subscribers is nothing to scoff at. It’s been a while since its Android TV app has received an update, but those using the service on an Android TV box should look forward to a new update awaiting you.

It seems like it’s been ages since the Hulu app hasn’t received an update. Ownership of the company has been split between several companies, which hasn’t helped development, but that changed recently when Disney acquired a large chunk of Fox. The new update has yet to be released, but the company says Android TV owners should expect it to land on their device in early August. There are two big changes in this update, one of which is in the form of an updated UI.


Unfortunately, they didn’t go into detail at all regarding this new UI, but specifically mentioned that the update is coming to Sony’s Android TVs, NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV, Xiaomi Mi Box, and Android TVs. Hisense Android TVs. This is actually the other big change in this update that got more attention in the official Hulu blog. Otherwise known as “Hulu + Live TV”, the feature is finally making its way to the Android TV platform. Those unaware should know that this package is more than just a regular streaming subscription.

The main Hulu + Live TV package will cost you $45/month (down from $40 in November) and includes over 60 channels (depending on where you live). The live TV plan is very similar to YouTube TV. Hulu also offers additional premium channel packages including HBO, Showtime, Starz, and more. Until this update, Hulu customers with an Android TV device did not have access to this Live TV service from the platform. Thankfully, that’s changing with the new update slated for early next month.

Source: Hulu | Going through: 9to5Google


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