Hulu is the first TV streaming provider to offer unlimited free DVR


If you use the Live TV option with Hulu, you’ll be happy to know that the DVR will now be unlimited functionality without paying extra. This service is one that should be comparable to other services, including YouTube TV and Flexible TV. Viewers can enjoy the addition starting April 13. The playback and fast forward functions will be available for approximately nine months.

This is a similar timeframe to that offered by YouTube TV. Hulu with Live TV only offered consumers storage that took up about 50 hours of space. However, this could be upgraded to around 200 hours if viewers want to add additional features. Keep in mind that add-ons will likely be between $10 and $15 per month. If you choose these plans, there will be no charge for the additional storage space.

Modifications made

One of the reasons people navigate to YouTube TV is because of the unlimited DVR space that has been offered. This feature is the only one Hulu Live has created in recent months to try to keep customers as happy as possible. The service hopes to stay in a competitive market with unlimited DVR while bundling Disney Plus and ESPN Plus so customers have more options when it comes to TV shows and movies.

Viewers now have access to over 80 channels with Live TV. The plan is a bit more expensive than others, but the company hopes that removing the fees associated with Unlimited DVR will be enough to retain customers and attract new ones. Customers can pay a subscription price to get at least 80 channels, Disney and DVR function instead of paying for each thing separately. Hulu is one of the only services that will offer unlimited DVR without an additional price customers must pay, which the company hopes will help set it apart from other streaming services.

Reach viewers

There are approximately 4 million subscribers who use Hulu in one way or another. Viewers should keep in mind that they should always monitor the content they have recorded as the DVR function will not last long unless they re-record the content they have. Unlimited DVR will be available to all customers, with new customers having the option of choosing a plan that includes 50 hours of DVR content for $9.99 or 200 hours of content for $14.99. This is an option that lets viewers scroll through content they don’t want to watch. Viewers who currently pay for the additional storage will see the fee disappear from their bill after April 13, which is another way Hulu hopes to make customers happy.

Hulu is a big streaming service whose name is known in many homes even if they don’t have a subscription. The service has content for all ages and ranges from toddler cartoons to adult classics. There have been disputes with YouTube TV and other streaming services, but viewers have turned to them because of the extra features that have been offered. Besides Disney and ESPN, Hulu also offers packages that give viewers access to Cinemax and Starz.


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