How to Link Streaming Services on iPhone


Want to add all your favorite streaming apps to the Apple TV app? Here’s how to add things like Hulu, Disney+ and more for stress-free viewing.

the Apple The TV app is a powerful tool for connecting multiple streaming apps in one place, but getting to link those other services can be a challenge. With the tips outlined below, users can link their apps in no time and get the most out of Apple TV like never before.

Apple launched its Apple TV app in December 2016, often marketing it with text, “All your TVs. All in one app.” And, honestly, that’s exactly what it is. Rather than having people jump between multiple streaming apps, the Apple TV app hosts all of this content in one place. Users can browse TV shows, movies, live news and sports, with Apple offering the ability to watch them through the app they are available on. That might be a lot to take in, but compared to using 10+ apps just to find the right show to watch, it’s a many best solution.


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To get the most out of Apple TV, users must first link their streaming services to it. According to Apple’s instructions, open the Apple TV app, tap the profile icon at the top right of the screen, then tap “Connected apps”. This displays a list of all supported streaming apps that have been downloaded or are logged into someone’s iCloud account. Typically, these should be automatically added to Apple TV after someone initially downloads a streaming app and tunes into it. Connected services will show a green toggle next to them, and if there’s a connected app someone wants to get rid of, just tap the toggle next to it, tap “Remove,” and it’ll disappear like that.

How to find new streaming services for Apple TV

Adding streaming services in the Apple TV app

This is how you manage services that have already been linked to Apple TV, but what about adding new ones? Although the process is quite simple, finding its location is not immediately clear. After opening the Apple TV app, start scrolling until you see the “Streaming apps” section. From there, swipe horizontally across the available apps until you see the “Connect More Streaming Apps” shortcut. Tap it, and users are presented with a list of all supported streaming apps that haven’t been added yet. On this list, users can tap an app to add it, tap the “Connect” button, then tap “Get” to download the app from the App Store if it’s not already on their device. After installing the app and logging in/creating an account, it should appear on Apple TV along with all other connected services.

All of these instructions apply to the Apple TV app on iPhone and iPad, and once a streaming app is added/removed, it will sync across all of someone’s Apple devices. It might take a while to sync everything up, but once it does, Apple TV becomes an invaluable tool for navigating the streaming landscape.

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