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Special features
New 2K digital master, director approved by Kirsten Johnson, with DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 surround soundtrack on Blu-ray
New audio commentary featuring Johnson, co-writer and editor Nels Bangerter and documentary sound-maker Judy Karp
New conversation between Johnson and fellow producers Katy Chevigny and Marilyn Ness and co-producer Maureen A. Ryan
New interview with sound designer Pete Horner
New program featuring Johnson in conversation with Bangerter and filmmakers Mike Mills, Michael Moore, Joshua Oppenheimer and Laura Poitras
English subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing
Audio description in English
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Disney’s “Encanto” saga may end up being one of the industry’s most groundbreaking stories of the early 2020s. to the world when it released in late 2021. And then Disney took a big step up and dropped it on Disney+ on Christmas Day. Families looking for activities that would normally go to the cinema gathered around their Smart TVs. And “Encanto” has become one of the greatest modern Disney films. Before you knew it, the songs were popping up everywhere, especially in the kid-friendly sections of YouTube, which propelled the soundtrack and the movie in equal measure. The film is a fun family adventure that will now spawn a franchise, and it wouldn’t have happened without a streaming strategy. While anyone can (and apparently watch) “Encanto” on Disney+, the DVD/Blu-ray comes with some cool special features, including deleted scenes, sing-along functionality, and the short movie played with the movie in theaters.

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Special features
Sing along to the movie – Sing along to your favorite songs with on-screen lyrics while you watch the movie.
Familia Lo Es Todo – Members of Disney Animation’s “Familia” Cultural Trust share real-life experiences in this exploration of the adorable members of the Madrigal family. We learn what inspired each character and how the artists’ creations bring realism to their personalities.
Discover Colombia – The film crew explains how the multiple cultures, biodiversity and vibrant colors of Colombia are expressed in Encanto. They describe how satisfying it was to fully celebrate this beautiful country and support the theme of magical realism.
A journey through music – The filmmakers invite us to discover how each character came to be represented musically. We follow the creation of Encanto’s Colombian-inspired music, featuring songs by Lin-Manuel Miranda and score by Germaine Franco, from concept to final recording.
Let’s Talk About Bruno – Find out how the song ‘We Don’t Talk About Bruno’, with its intriguing undertones, came to be. Check out the extensive collaboration between Lin-Manuel Miranda, choreographer Jamal Sims, voice cast and animators to bring it to the screen.
Our Casita – La Casa Madrigal is full of magic and its emotional state is affected by other family members. From its colorful doors to its beautiful stones, the magic house was designed according to the principles of the Colombian tradition.
Outtakes – From the thrill of “nailing” a take in the presence of an entertainment industry icon to the hilarity of losing a wrestling match with tongue-twisting dialogue, join the cast for some good-natured fun behind the microphone.
Journey to Colombia – With the help of the Colombian Cultural Trust, a team of dedicated consultants, Encanto filmmakers embark on a journey of discovery to learn more about Colombia and how best to reflect the cultures and environments of the country on the big screen.
An Introduction to Far From the Tree – Writer and director Natalie Nourigat presents the Walt Disney Animation Studios short film Far From the Tree.
Far from the Tree – Parenting is tough, especially when curiosity stirs a young raccoon whose parent is trying to protect them both. In the Walt Disney Animation Studios short film Far From The Tree, this youngster learns to live with an open heart…even when danger lurks.
Deleted scenes
Song Selection – Skip to your favorite musical moments, with on-screen lyrics.


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