HBO Max’s Apple TV app gets a makeover for better stability and new features


Good news for Apple TV users!

If you have an Apple TV, your wishes for a better experience with the HBO Max app may come true.

Apple TV users have a long-standing problem. Users have raised concerns about how the streaming network’s app always crashes, freezes, and is often overloaded during important premiere dates. This has often caused viewers to miss their favorite shows and experience FOMO (fear of missing out).

Think back to the season five finale of HBO’s “Insecure” or the season two finale of HBO’s “Euphoria.” If you remember how those first nights went, you’ll remember what a disaster it was when the HBO Max app crashed and the streaming app error exploded all over social media .

Hopefully, Apple TV users never have to relive such a horrible experience again.

But according to the app’s parent company, Warner Media is rolling out a new version of the HBO Max app for Apple TV and Apple TV 4K boxes, which will roll out “slowly” this week and next. Variety reported.

What exactly will that mean?

Well, since HBO Max is undergoing an overhaul, the company has presented the new app as completely redesigned with some nifty new features that will be extremely useful.

So, what are these new features that will be useful to viewers?

According to the company, the new app will have easier login and registration protocols. Additionally, the app will have an “enhanced” homepage with a “hero” drop-down banner.

Additionally, the company also says the app will have editable “My Stuff,” where users can better manage their “Keep Watching” and “My List” categories. Finally, the company guarantees better “binge mode” experiences where Variety reports will include the ability to skip credits.

Additionally, while HBO Max is in the midst of its new facelift, Warner Media is nearing completion in the process of separating from AT&T and merging with Discovery.

Discovered CFO Gunnar Wieidenfels recently mentioned the medium-term goal is to unify HBO Max and Discovery Plus into a single platform.

But Ticker NEWS provided valuable information. It should be noted that it is not yet known whether Apple TV users will have to use their modems or take steps to experience the improved version of the streaming platform application.

Find out more via Variety.


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