Google TV app gets new remote design on Android


A long-awaited update to the phone-based remote for Android TV and Google TV devices has finally been released over the past few months, and Google is already revamping the new app with an updated design.

Google TV app remote control on Android devices launched with support for gesture navigation and D-Pad controls and support for all modern Android TV devices with an updated design from the old user interface of the previous application. While we’re big fans of this update, it felt slightly out of place with the Google TV interface on the new Chromecast.

In a new update that’s rolling out, Google is changing the design of its phone-based TV remote. The new design retains the same overall look of the remote, with what appears to be a slightly darker user interface. The main change is the design of the device selector.

The switcher moves down the screen and adopts larger rounded buttons for each Android TV OS device on your network. Notably, I was only able to get this new UI to display four devices, so I couldn’t use it with my office TV. This probably won’t affect most people, but it’s something Google should definitely address in the future.

This updated design appears to be hitting devices in a server-side deployment that we first heard about last week, but updating to the latest version of the app via the game store is a good idea if you don’t see the design yet.

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