Globacom just launched something MAJOR! Everything about the Glo TV app


In order to provide complete entertainment to its subscribers, the telecommunications giant, Globalcom, has launched a one-of-a-kind mobile TV service that will bring them premium entertainment, news and sports content. The service called GloTV is fast becoming Nigeria’s one-stop entertainment destination.

During the presentation of the new service at the company’s headquarters in Lagos on Tuesday, Globacom explained that Glo TV is an innovative TV streaming service available on Android, IOS apps and the web to watch live linear TV, video at demand and catch-up content. It is powered by reliable Glo 4G technology which guarantees an enjoyable streaming experience.

Glo explained,

“We are confident that with the launch of Glo TV, our network will cater to the content preferences of Nigerians from different socio-economic groups and provide them with an exclusive opportunity to experience best-in-class TV content.

Glo TV delivers engaging, interactive and premium entertainment content through a rich bouquet of offerings including hundreds of live entertainment programs, music, documentaries, news, original shows, fashion, lifestyle, kids interest channels and over 1,000 videos as the company continues to partner. with content providers to meet the needs of more customers across all social strata. »

The “Grand Masters of Data” reaffirmed their commitment to continuously enrich and improve the Glo TV platform so that “it continues to achieve its goal of creating entertainment, laughter, fun, happiness and excitement for our valued customers.”

Glo subscribers who are news buffs and want to follow international news in real time can catch up on news channels on the go, including Aljazeera and France24, while subscribers interested in documentary channels can watch CGTN and RT Documentary, among many others. .

On the other hand, children’s interests are taken care of with children’s channels such as ZooMOO, the English club television and The lollipops are offered to provide wholesome entertainment and solid education for children of all ages.

Additionally, subscribers of all ages will have access to movie channels, including Nolly Africa, African cinema channel and Legacy network, among others. They just have to visit to register and download the Glo TV app for free until September 30, 2021.

All Globacom customers on prepaid and postpaid platforms can sign up for the app once they have compliant Android and iPhone devices.

Photos from the Glo TV launch press briefing

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