Frame io expands video collaboration partnerships and adds Apple TV app


Cloud-based video review and collaboration service today announced new or expanded relationships with Teradek, Atomos, and iPhone app maker FiLMiC Pro, among others, and launched an app on Apple devices AAPL -0.5% TV. Michael Cioni, senior director of global innovation at, said the company is working with 11 companies to make its Camera to Cloud technology work with video capture devices and software at all levels of video creation, high-end productions at the cell. phones, involving products from Viviana, Colorfront, FDX’s FilmDataBox and Aaton. He said he is in the process of forming partnerships with another dozen companies.

New partnerships include one with Atomos, whose new Shogun Connect device and a new Connect module that updates existing Ninja V and Ninja V+ devices will be able to capture video from any mirrorless, DSLR or professional, and share them on the cloud for review. and approvals. These cameras are commonly used for corporate video, press crews, event photographers, and documentary and independent filmmakers.

“It’s Camera to Cloud for everyone,” Cioni said. “What we’re really trying to do is not just give people one tool. We provide a sort of entirely new set of tools. Everyone decides how far they want to go. This means expanding’s integration with Teradek, which makes recording hardware for high-end cameras, including with the new Trade Serv 4K, which creates low-bandwidth, timecode-accurate proxies in 4K 10-bit HEVC format to share on the cloud. Teradek and audio specialist Sound Devices were the first partners in the Camera to Cloud program launched last year.

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The company has also added new security features, including two-factor authentication and digital rights management, which together with its watermark features significantly improve the protection of clips shared on the web. “DRM includes server-side authentication,” Paul Saccone, Product Marketing Director of “If (a clip is) not allowed, it just won’t play.”

Other new partners include Magic ViewFinder, Comfort and Zoelog. The company also integrates its sharing functions into FilmLight’s Baselight color grading software. The Apple TV app is designed to create an improved movie review process for executives, with a streamlined interface to make it easier to review, annotate, and approve clips or entire reels of 10-bit, 4K resolution video in HDR on their TVs. Cioni said the new app makes it easier to create a large, near-defined screen during a production so attendees can watch or review shots as they’re captured.

Adobe acquired last fall for around $1.3 billion, saying it would be a significant addition to its suite of cloud-based content creation tools. Just a few days ago, announced that its app would be available for free to subscribers following Adobe’s Creative Cloud creative programs like Photoshop and After Effects. This means people using Premier Pro, for example, can extract the video via, edit it, and then make the result available for review, further work, and approval.

The integrations will also be available for free to those with paid accounts, with most available so far. The new Atomos and Teradek devices should be available soon. Earlier this week, Blackmagic Design announced its own substantial pivot to cloud-based video production, integrating collaboration features into its DaVinci Resolve video and audio editing/grading suite, and several new hardware peripherals designed to take advantage of of this.

The two companies’ initiatives reflect a broader industry shift toward cloud-based collaboration that can dramatically speed up the work of remote and distributed productions and post-production work.

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  • Frame io expands video collaboration partnerships and adds Apple TV app
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