Egypt launches TV program for Egyptians abroad in May


The Ministry of Immigration and Expatriate Affairs of Egypt announced the launch of a special television program for Egyptians abroad and immigrants in May, titled “Salon Esraa wa Joe” under the auspices of the ministry, via the CSAT channel in the United States, and broadcast on the Nilesat satellite. .

Immigration Minister Nabila Makram expressed her joy at the launch of the program, saying it will include messages for Egyptians abroad, helping them preserve their cultural identity and teach the values ​​of coexistence .

Program presenter Esraa Nawar, director of programs at Chapman University Academic Library in California, thanked Makram for sponsoring the show.

Nawar said it was not the first time she had worked with the Immigration Department, as she had previously cooperated with them for the Interfaith Dialogue program which aimed to teach tolerance towards different cultures and religions and involved Christian and Jewish religious figures in Orange County, California.

During the program, trips to Egypt were organized, during which meetings were held with the Grand Sheikh of Al-Azhar Ahmed Al-Tayeb, Pope Tawadros II, the Pope of Alexandria and the Patriarch of the See of Saint Mark, as well as visits to certain monuments. and places of worship in Egypt.

“Salon Esraa Wa Joe” pursues the same goal by showcasing inspiring stories in all walks of life, she added.

The first season will be filmed in California and will serve as the voice of the California Department of Immigration, she said, noting that they are looking to film the program in the rest of the states and travel to all countries in the world.

Show host, Joe Matta presents a special segment that conveys a message from the Ministry of Immigration to all Egyptian viewers and immigrants which will include Ministry news, Ministry initiatives and how to benefit and participate.


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