Does Sonos have a TV streaming app?


(Pocket-lint) – Sonos is apparently recruiting software engineers to work on a “Home Theater OS” project, leading some to believe it’s exploring the possibility of extending its services to TVs.

The speaker technology company has posted numerous job openings for senior development personnel to work on device projects, including televisions.

Whether that means Sonos plans to release Smart TV apps for Android TV or other manufacturer operating systems to control its speaker systems, or whether it plans to offer its own streaming service(s) n is not yet clear.

However, anonymous sources said Protocol that it has long had ambitions to play a bigger role in TV streaming.

Sonos has been active in the home cinema/cinema market for many years, with the ability to link its individual speakers and subwoofers in a 5.1 configuration and more recently has introduced fully-fledged soundbars to its range, including Dolby Atmos -support for Sonos Arc.

Whereas the job postings include a “UX Lead – Next Generation Home Theater Experience”, with a mission to work on “device surfaces (mobile, TV, tablet and HW remote) to deliver content delivery experience next-gen”, it looks like it could soon be on your TV as well.

Written by Rik Henderson.


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