Czech TV launches new Smart TV app


Czech public broadcaster Ceska Televize (CT) has launched a new iVysilani app designed for smart TVs.

In addition to its three existing platforms – mobile devices, web interface and HbbTV – the ability to watch live broadcasts and CT archives on smart TV will be added without the need to receive a TV signal.

According to CT, the new Smart TV application will offer viewers the opportunity to watch CT programs in a more stable environment of the third generation of iVysilani broadcasting. The interface itself will contain a clear thematic distribution of content, live streaming on the Internet without the need to receive a television signal, program filtering and the offer of programs intended for online streaming only. It will also include an improved search method and the ability to manage viewers’ favorite and most-watched shows.

Commenting on the launch, Marek Dolezel, Executive Director of New Media at CT, said: “With this milestone, CT continues with the fundamental innovations of iVysilani, where after the launch of the next generation of the website, the launch of brand new mobile applications in March and launching the HbbTV version in April, we continue with the first smart TV platform and continue to work on iVysilani’s specific technology systems, new features and distribution platforms”.

The new app was initially launched for more than 20 smart TV brands that use the Android TV operating system. Viewers who own select TVs from Sony, Philips, Panasonic and others will be able to watch over 95,000 hours of content using the introduced interface.

During this year, CT will also introduce other apps for Samsung, LG, Panasonic and Apple TV smart TVs.


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