Court TV app thrives on Depp-Heard lawsuit – The Streamable


In the streaming wars, everything is contained, even the lawsuits of two morally questionable A-listers engaged in feuds that could (and may already have) made or broken careers.

The most gripping reality show in recent weeks hasn’t aired on Bravo, E!, or even Discovery+, no, it’s on justice-focused TV networks, as the media has covered out of breath Johnny Depp’s libel suit again ex-wife Amber Heard. And while the accusations of abuse, drug use and manipulation may have permanently altered the course of Depp’s screen career, they’ve been more than a modest boon to broadcasters.

The trial began on April 12 following an opinion piece written by Heard in 2018 on domestic violence for the Washington Post. Last week, the Law&Crime Network reported that through May 2, its cover had been seen by more than 330 million viewers in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom; a record for the network.

Now, App Figures reports that the case also led to an exponential increase in downloads for Court TV’s streaming app. As the trial escalated, the research firm’s analysis shows downloads of the app increased 10-fold.

Granted, downloads only grew to around 10,000 per week – a number some streaming apps do in an hour – but given that the app had been hovering around 1,000 per week since the start of the year , this is a marked improvement for Court TV .

Analysts believe the trial could continue until the end of the month, so Law&Crime, Court TV and other outlets should have a few more weeks to extract every last drop of drama from the salacious proceedings.


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