Cinedigm Channels on Nreal’s AR TV App |


January 25, 2022

Cinedigm, the independent streaming company, has announced a partnership with Nreal, an innovator in augmented reality (AR) technology, to bring three of Cinedigm’s most popular channels to Nreal’s new AR TV app. The deal will allow fans of streaming services Bloody Disgusting TV, Realmadrid TV and CONtv to enjoy an immersive viewing experience via an up to 220-inch virtual HD screen powered by Nreal Light AR glasses.

Nreal, a global leader in consumer AR glasses, originally launched its Nreal Light model last December in the United States through a partnership with Verizon. With the ability to connect to a user’s Android smartphone, Nreal Light provides accessibility to an immersive AR experience, opening the gateway to the AR world.

“Cinedigm is committed to embracing the best and most innovative technologies that compellingly entertain our audiences,” said Tony Huidor, Cinedigm’s Chief Technology and Product Officer. “We are proud to be an American launch partner of Nreal. This partnership opens a direct path for us to the emerging metaverse through the continued evolution of AR & MR technology. This close relationship with Nreal will allow us to stay at the forefront of what we foresee for entertainment technology in the very near future. We are confident that our viewers will embrace these new immersive experiences as Cinedigm continues to focus on expanding the video viewing experience through this technology by rapid evolution.

“Our partnership with Cinedigm in the US comes at an exciting time, as we build a holistic AR experience for mainstream audiences. For the first time, fans can now interact with Cinedigm streaming content through Nreal’s AR glasses, on a virtual 220″ HD screen,” added Peng Jin, Co-Founder of Nreal. “Adding a native streaming TV app in AR is a great step towards realizing the promise of augmented reality by enhancing the experience of our viewers. We are very proud to partner with Cinedigm to create this offering. Going forward, we aim to continue to expand our partnerships as we enter an exciting new era of development.


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