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uatsi vs. Richards – LIVE!

Joshua Buatsi and Craig Richards face off in a British light heavyweight clash tonight at the O2 Arena.

Both London fighters will have a lot of personal pride at stake in what is a huge fight for their respective boxing careers – the winner will be pushing and aiming for a world title in the not too distant future while a national rebuild is on the cards for the missing one.

Buatsi has a perfect professional record of his 15 fights, but he hasn’t fought since stopping the Ricards Bolotniks at Matchroom’s Fight Camp last August and this is by far the biggest test of his career. He insists he’s ready for this step – we’ll soon find out if he’s right!

Buatsi takes on a Richards man who has already enjoyed the biggest stage, having challenged Dmitry Bivol for his WBA title last year in Manchester. This performance, while ending in a loss on points, certainly looks more impressive after Bivol’s recent win over Canelo Alvarez.

Earlier in the night, Robbie Davies Jr may have been lucky to get a points decision over Javier Molina, while Ellie Scotney picked up an incredibly impressive points victory over former world champion Maria Cecilia Roman .

Alen Babic and Adam Balski had an unforgettable fight, which kind of lasted the full ten rounds when Babic made the decision – he was knocked down just 20 seconds into the fight but recovered well. Chantelle Cameron had ten much less eventful rounds as she took a points win.

Boxing schedule and results

Joshua Buatsi vs. Craig Richards

Chantelle Cameron and Victoria Moelia Busts

Alen Babic and Adam Balski

Ellie Scotney by Maria Cecilia Roman

Robbie Davies Jr vs. Javier Molina

Cheavon Clarke bt Pawel Martyniuk

Cyrus Pattinson and Dmitri Trenei

John Hedges by Robert Balturu

Shiloh Defreitas by Iliyan Markov

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Live updates


Buatsi vs. Richards

Round 8

Timeout announced by the referee – talk to both fighters about the low blows.

Tony Bellew has made Buatsi win every round so far. Richards may have managed about one or two, but certainly no more than that.

It’s been better for him so far, keeping distance with his jab. Buatsi closes it with a right hand however, Richards fires in some body shots inside.

AND NOW BUATSI LOOKS HURT! He’s desperately trying to hang on! Her legs are stiff as Richards throws everything at her, it’s her moment.

BUATSI GETS A RIGHT TO ITS OWN! Where does this come from? He’s gotten himself out of real trouble and both of them are staggering in their corners.


Buatsi vs. Richards

Round 7

Quieter first minute of the round, as Virgil Hunter asks Buatsi to keep using the jab more.

The pace slowed and Richards responds, landing a left hook and then a nice right. Buatsi not bothered though, comes straight back with shots to the body. The circle is right in the balance.

The final blow of the round is a big right hand from Buatsi that catches Richards clean in the chin, he takes it well. Probably just Buatsi’s turn.


Buatsi vs. Richards

Round 6

Another overhand right from Buatsi, backed up by an uppercut! It was superb from Buatsi. Richards deserves a lot of credit for sticking with it.

In the battle of jabs, it’s hardly a contest. Buatsi throwing it with such power that he sends Richards back.

He then gets caught with a few shots – responds by urging Richards to keep moving forward.

Halfway through the fight and Buatsi is in charge. I have to feel he has a 5-1 lead.


Buatsi vs. Richards

Round 5

Quick start to Buatsi’s round, Richards pushed back the ropes. The good work keeps coming from him, that shot so hard and slamming Richards’ head back.

AND NOW HE RELEASES HIS HANDS! Richards looks hurt, he’s just trying to hold on. But he regained his composure and landed a nice uppercut, did Buatsi get tired?

Richards finished the race well, after having weathered this storm. The crowd is getting more and more involved.

Better from Richards in the last minute, but it’s another round for Buatsi.


Buatsi vs. Richards

Round 4

Really good work for Buatsi’s body, it will slow Richards down as this fight goes on.

Richards also grabs two hard left hooks, but he takes them well. And then he responds with his own well-timed hook, Richards’ corner applauding.

In the last 30 seconds of the heat, it’s up to one of them to win it. They both know it, trading at close range – they both let go of their hands!

Buatsi nearly swings from his feet to the bell, met with a dark glare from Richards. We have it 3-1 Buatsi.


Buatsi vs. Richards

Round 3

Good combination from Richards, finished with a left hook. It’s his best punch of the fight. Momentarily drops the defenses of Buatsi, who quickly pulls himself together with a slamming jab. The crowd enjoyed this one.

Left hook from Richards, Buatsi saw it coming and goes after the gloves. Buatsi looks much better of the two when they’re at close range – until Richards lands a big right hand to end the round!

Is that enough to win the round? Could be – really tight.


Buatsi vs. Richards

2nd round

Richards’ legs stiffen early in the round, he gets caught by Buatsi’s overturned straight form. Head snapped back by the jab too.

Such a confident start from Buatsi – he’s delivered so far. The pair reunite and their heads clash, the referee warning them to be careful.

Great uppercut from Richards! Buatsi responds immediately though, closing the distance and landing some malicious shots inside.

Overhand right from Richards lands, Buatsi misses with a big left hook. Don’t miss this though, more good work for the body.

Tighter round, but must be 2-0 Buatsi.


Buatsi vs. Richards

Round 1

Quick start from Buatsi, forcing the pace as he lands some nice jabs. Richards is looking for the right hand.

It’s Buatsi who closes the distance, doesn’t seem too concerned about what will come back. Richards also established his jab and landed some nice counter punches off the ropes.

BIG BLOWS FROM BUATSI! It’s a great endgame from him, Richards trips over the ropes and he’s just trying to cover himself. He really felt that.

The pair exchanged words at the end of the round. 1-0 Buatsi.



Ding Ding. We’re underway – the main event is underway!


Referee Howard Foster has already called for action, with Richards moving past Buatsi who responds by stepping on his opponent.

Lots of tension in the air – huge, huge night for both of them.


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