Best Mobdro Alternative Apps for Free Live TV Streaming of 2022


This list is about the best Mobdro alternative apps for free live TV streaming. We will try our best for you to understand this list Best Mobdro Alternative Apps for Free Live TV Streaming. I hope you like this list Best Mobdro Alternative Apps for Free Live TV Streaming. So let’s start:

About Best Mobdro Alternative Apps for Free Live TV Streaming

Mobdro is the popular Live TV app for Android. It is a one-stop destination for live TV categorized by genres including Movies, Entertainment, Sports, Music, Tech, Animals, Games, Cartoons, and Spirituality. The app also includes popular TV shows that you can download. The app offers live TV in over 10 different languages ​​from over 30 different countries. A wide range of content is available. The application interface is friendly and easy to use. Since Mobdro is quite easy to install and convenient, it enjoys great support from users all over the world.

You can also find MMA events mainly based on BT Sport 2, it falls under the Sports category. In the Mobdro app, you can find different content in different languages ​​in different countries/regions. Finding a worthy alternative to Mobdro can be a bit tricky. The application does not require a login account. These applications ask for permissions that are not necessary for their normal functioning. For example, apps may ask for contact permissions, which are definitely not needed to stream your favorite channels.

Check the List of Best Mobdro Alternative Apps for Free Live Streaming


This app lets you watch content from all genres, including sports, movies, music, videos, and TV shows. If you are a sports fan, you can watch cricket, football, tennis, hockey, NBA and other international sporting events. One of the best things about this app is that you get TV channels from all over the world and you can watch them without any subscription.

This app is convenient to use. First, find what you want to see. Several links will appear if one of the links is not working, then move on to the other link present. The categories section will allow you to filter the content according to different genres or types, such as anime content, sports, movies, TV series, shows, etc. You can select one of the main options to reveal all available programs as a subset.

net tv live

It is the simplest streaming app available in the market, and the most fantastic thing is that it streams any genre without any commercial popups. Live Net TV is a prominent and widely used application that allows you to stream 800 TV channels in nine categories. Categories include Sports, Entertainment, News, Movies, Documentaries, Food, Music, Kids, and Religion.

The app features content from around the world with a huge selection of movies from Asia. They recently added a VOD section which our team found interesting. The quality of the English movie streams was fantastic and instead of choosing from a selection of links it was just a click and play. You can choose to stream the content in SD or HD.


ThopTV is a China-based app that offers free live streaming of most sports channels and other channels in HD quality without spending a single penny. It was recently removed from the Play Store by Google due to a privacy policy issue.

Thoptv is basically Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) which can be used to stream live TV as well as download movies and series. Through its IPTV and Content Delivery Network (CDN), ThopTV allows users to stream and download content in their preferred format and quality.

Wave TV

Ola TV has been around since 2017 and leads the way when it comes to the wide variety of channels you can access through the app. With a selection of over 50,000 channels from around the world, it is one of the best live streaming apps out there. Especially for those who want TV from more obscure countries like Albania, or have trouble finding channels on other providers like Mobdro and Red Box.

Ola TV works like most Android TV streaming apps, but instead of collecting links for movies and TV shows, it only focuses on live TV links. The app’s web crawlers crawl the internet for working TV links, which are then provided within the app.

Pluto TV

If Mobdro is not working on your device then Pluto TV is one of the fantastic alternatives for you. There are many channels available and they are all free. Also, it can support all streaming devices like Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, etc. There are also other more eclectic categories such as Binge Watch, Comedy, Life + Style, and Tech + Geek.

Entertainment content is where Pluto TV shines the most, especially with its Comedy, Entertainment, and Movies subcategories. For example, you get BET Pluto TV, Buzzr, Comedy Central, Fuse, MTV Pluto TV, Paramount Movie Channel, and The Onion. Pluto TV also has several of its own movie channels for popular genres.

fast currents

Swift Streamz is another great live TV app to replace Mobdro. It is one of the most popular streaming apps that lets you watch over 700 TV channels on the go without burning your pocket. Install this app for free if you want to watch T.V’se Steam channel live on your Android. You can stream more than 700 live TV channels from around 30 countries for free, including Sports TV, Kidz TV, Wild Life and international live TV channels on your Android phone or TV.

Swift Streams is packed with countless awesome features that ensure all your entertainment needs are met. Some of these features include support for multiple video players, absolutely free live TV and without any subscription. The app also supports external video players like MX Player, VLC Player, Android Player and more.


Kodi is open-source software developed by the nonprofit XBMC Foundation, so many of its features and add-ons are community-driven. In practice, this means that Kodi sees frequent updates. You can read more about the details of each new release on the official Kodi blog.

The Kodi app is a free and accessible tool for playing music, podcasts, videos, games, photos, and more. Not only does it play your media over your Wi-Fi network, but it also lets you get content from third-party websites to watch. Live TV and movies around the world.

tv slingshot

It is one of the stable streaming apps to stream online content on any device like Android, Firestick, Fire TV, Samsung and iOS etc. Sling TV is very popular in the United States because it is used there as a Dish network. It has more than 200 channels related to sports, entertainment, drama and news channels. Sling Orange is good for watching ESPN and The Disney Channel, and again requires a good internet connection to really shine.

Sling TV is the best budget live TV streaming service. You can get most of your favorite channels for far less than your current cable bill, and Sling lets you watch anywhere on almost any streaming device. For example, if you want to watch CNN, Comedy Central, TBS, The Travel Channel, and History, and have a decent internet package, then Sling Blue is unbeatable value.

Final Words: Best Mobdro Alternative Apps for Free Live TV Streaming

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