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enn vs Van Heerden – LIVE!

Conor Benn returns to the ring tonight as he puts his WBA continental welterweight belt on the line against Chris van Heerden at Manchester’s AO Arena.

The formidable ‘Destroyer’ is looking to keep his momentum going after dominating Chris Algieri before Christmas as he faces his final test before being handed a major breakthrough in boxing’s 147-pound deep division.

Fights against Kell Brook, Adrien Broner, Keith Thurman, Danny or Mikey Garcia could wait in the future, but Benn must first deal with the experienced former IBO world champion from South Africa, Van Heerden, who should present a new challenge as a tricky southpaw. .

In Saturday’s intriguing undercard, Chris Billam-Smith and Tommy McCarthy face off again for the European heavyweight bracelet after Campbell Hatton continued his pro career with a six-round victory over Ezequiel Gregores.

Alycia Baumgardner also successfully defended her WBC and IBO super featherweight titles for the first time with a dominating victory over Edith Soledad Matthysse.

Boxing schedule and results

Conor Benn vs. Chris van Heerden

Chris Billam-Smith vs. Tommy McCarthy

Campbell Hatton and Ezequiel Gregores

Alycia Baumgardner and Edith Soledad Matthysse

Jack Cullen and Vladimir Belujsky

Jordan Thompson and Mariano Angel Gudino

Thomas Hart and Ben Ridings

Luke Evans draws Miguel Cesario Antin

James Metcalf and Evgenii Vazem

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Live updates


Billam-Smith vs. McCarthy next

Straight into the night’s chief supporting act at the AO Arena.

It’s the highly anticipated rematch between former heavyweight rivals Chris Billam-Smith and Tommy McCarthy.

Billam-Smith is defending for the second time the European belt he won when they first met at Matchroom Fight Camp last summer, having edged France’s Dylan Bregeon in Sheffield in November.

The Commonwealth belt is also at stake here.

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Hatton wins every round against Gregores

Hatton goes the distance for the fifth time in seven professional fights, winning every round on the referee’s scorecard. 60-54.

Clear signs of improvement, but there is still a lot of work to do, make no mistake about it.

He’s aggressive, maintains a strong pace for the most part and hits the body very well, but there’s still no respect for the defensive work.

Hatton was caught by some heavy counter right hands from an extremely average opponent tonight, which will be a concern. Just like its lack of power sometimes.

But it learns as it goes with no real amateur experience to speak of, so I guess you can’t be too critical.

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Hatton vs. Gregores

The extremely limited Gregores is also feeling the rhythm now, allowing Hatton to really establish himself.

He recovers that snap in the penultimate round, upping the tempo again, boxing well and dealing more damage to the body.

Make no mistake who he learned those catchy left hooks on the bottom from!


Hatton vs. Gregores

Hatton’s tiring work rate notably drops in the fourth – something that didn’t go unnoticed by Uncle Matthew in his corner.

“Keep the energy up,” comes the call.

He will have to learn to pace himself a little better as he progresses.

We’ve seen it a few times now where it goes bankrupt early and empties the tank too soon.


Hatton vs. Gregores

You certainly can’t deny that Hatton is already very entertaining to watch, maintaining a high pace and still letting his hands fly at every opportunity, even if there’s very little regard for what might come his way.

The pressure is relentless and his bodywork is impressive, as is his conditioning. He is always looking for the big finish.

But it’s hard to ignore glaring flaws that need to be fixed as soon as possible.

That’s not surprising given his lack of amateur pedigree, and I guess that’s what it’s all about in these early shows.


Hatton vs. Gregores

Gregores throws a decent counter hook to the temple early in the second – exactly what Uncle Matthew was warning Hatton about between rounds.

Hatton is aggressive and invades the Argentine, but he leaves himself so open when he throws his punches.

Sure, he’s still learning, but he’s going to be severely punished for letting his chin up as soon as possible.

As always, Hatton is too eager to go for the big shot and finish. Gregores needs more respect here.


Hatton vs. Gregores

The home favorite lands a solid right hand early in the first of six scheduled rounds, then looks to throw those patented Hatton Family hooks to the body.

As always with Hatton, there’s plenty of attack with little defensive us – but he doesn’t really need it against his caliber of opponent.

Hatton picks up the pace towards the end of the round, putting Gregores under tremendous pressure and forcing him back with more punishing bodywork.


Hatton vs. Gregores

Fighting outside of Spain, Gregores was a late replacement for “Tipton Slasher” Lee Glover.

It comes off the Killers classic ‘Mr Brightside’, while it’s the usual combination of ‘Blue Moon’ and Oasis for Manchester City fanatic Hatton.

City fans would need a boost after today’s FA Cup semi-final defeat to Liverpool at Wembley ended their treble hopes for this season.

Can Hatton Jr make them smile again?

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Hatton v Gregores next

Lots of interest from Manchester for the next fight, as Campbell Hatton takes the next step in his fledgling professional career against another Argentinian in Ezequiel Gregores.

Ricky’s son is undefeated in six fights as a pro so far, and has yet to fight with the fans in attendance in his hometown.

His victory over Levi Dunn last May took place behind closed doors at this site.


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