Apple TV vs Apple TV+ vs the Apple TV App: what’s the difference?


What’s the difference between Apple TV, Apple TV+ and the Apple TV app? When “Apple TV” pops up in a conversation, it can be confusing to know what someone is talking about.

Is it the Apple TV hardware streaming player? The Apple TV app? Or Apple TV Plus content? Fortunately, there is no TV (yet) that is an Apple TV. Here’s how to understand what someone is talking about.


What is the Apple TV streaming player?

When someone talks about “their Apple TV”, they’re usually talking about the hardware, the physical Apple TV streaming player. The high definition model is now in its 4th generation and the Apple TV 4K is in its 2nd generation.

The first Apple TV streaming box was launched in March 2007. To give you an idea of ​​the technology back then, just look at the box’s ports which included red, green and blue component connections. These connections have since been replaced by HDMI connections.

Some features like AirPlay mirroring are available on most Apple TVs. AirPlay is the fast way to mirror your iPhone, iPad or Mac screen to your TV. Still, older Apple TV models may not have the same capabilities as newer generations. The App Store is not available on Apple TV 3rd generation and earlier.

If you have these models, you cannot download new apps, but you can update your software and built-in apps. If you’re not sure which Apple TV model you have, learn how to identify your Apple TV model by visiting Apple support page.

Newer models accept Siri voice commands to search for sports, news, movie genres and actors and to find your favorite shows. Launching apps using the Siri-enabled voice remote is as easy as pressing the Siri button and asking “Launch Hulu” or other apps. The Apple TV can act as a HomeKit hub to use Siri to control smart home devices and appliances.

Other useful features have also been added. It is now possible to improve the picture quality of your Apple TV by using your iPhone to calibrate the color balance of your TV. And the latest Apple TV 4K remote can navigate a video’s playback timeline to get to where you want to start playing.

Apple TV also offers the Fitness+ app. This app offers high intensity interval training, pilates, yoga, and more. It also offers workouts for use with a rowing machine, treadmill, or stationary bike. The app pairs with Apple Watch, displaying your health stats to track your exercise intensity.

Some cable and satellite subscribers may use Apple TV instead of a TV provider’s box. Charter Spectrum, Direct Stream, Optimum and others offer online streaming through Apple TV to watch live channels and on-demand programs.

What is the Apple TV app?

The Apple TV app gives you access to apps you subscribe to through your Apple ID, your purchased and rented library, and Apple TV plus content (if you subscribe). This app is available on Apple TV as well as many other brands of streaming players, smartphones and tablets. You can check which devices are compatible with the Apple TV app on the Apple TV app page.

The application is preloaded on Mac, iPhone and iPad. But, there is no Apple TV app for Android mobile devices.

The Apple TV app is not the same on all devices. For example, the Apple TV app on Roku includes a Store menu where you can rent or purchase titles. But Amazon Firestick and Chromecast with Google TV do not include the store. However, none of the streaming players include Netflix in the app. Note that once you purchase a title, you can share movies and TV shows from your library in your Apple TV app with your family.

look now helps you find what to watch next with suggestions based on your viewing habits and new shows from Apple TV+. In the look now Apple TV app menu is a custom menu Next listing. Up Next tracks the TV shows you’ve watched and shows up when a new episode becomes available. Although it doesn’t show all services, it’s a quick way to see what’s to watch next. Apple TV was the first to launch this concept.

You can use the Apple TV app on another brand of streaming player that already has access to the other apps – Showtime, HBO Max, Paramount+, etc. – so why use the Apple TV app?

First, you can subscribe to premium services and easily manage subscriptions through your Apple ID. A quick click will cancel or restart a monthly service. Additionally, you can subscribe and view Apple+ content in the Apple TV app. And you can view previously purchased or rented movies and TV shows from your Apple Library.

Using the Apple TV app on another device brings many of the benefits of an Apple TV to that device. Since the Apple TV box costs a lot more than most other streaming devices, the Apple TV app is a way to view Apple TV+ and get some of the benefits of the Apple TV box without the price tag.

What is Apple TV+

Apple TV plus is Apple’s streaming subscription service that includes all of Apple’s original content. It’s available through the Apple TV app on Apple TV streaming players, iPhones, iPads, and Mac computers, or any device with the Apple TV app. It costs $4.99 a month, but is Apple TV worth it? There are frequent extended free trial offers of three or six months when you buy an Apple device to give you a chance to try programming.

Apple TV+ launched in 2019 with a handful of original TV series titles. Original programming has grown to nearly 120 titles to date, including shows and series, movies (like Oscar-winning Coda), limited series, shorts, and specials.

Some of the most popular series include Ted Lasso, The Morning Show, Severance, Schmigadoon! and For all mankind. You can also find shows produced by Oprah Winfrey. There’s The Oprah Conversations, which tackles racial discussions, and Dear…, which shows letters celebrities have received from fans whose lives they’ve changed. You can also catch the Oprah Book Club.

Apple TV+ also features original nature documentaries, like The Year the Earth Changed, and gripping stories from 9/11 to 1971: The Year Music Changed Everything. The original films feature popular actors including Tom Hanks, Samuel L. Jackson, Denzel Washington, Frances MacDorman, Tom Holland, Bill Murray, Justin Timberlake, and more.

While most turned out to be high quality, here are our top 10 recommended shows to watch on Apple TV+.

Charlie Brown Specials are now exclusively licensed to Apple TV+. There are many family shows and a range of children’s shows. “Helpsters” and “Fraggle Rock” appeal to young children, and shows like “Ghost Writer” appeal to older kids.

Understanding Apple TV

Hope this clarifies what someone means when “Apple TV” comes up in conversation. Now you’ll know the difference when someone refers to “his Apple TV”; they’re talking about the Apple TV streaming box. If they say they are “watching an Apple TV show“; it’s Apple TV+, and if they mention that they “subscribe to a channel on Apple TV”; they’re talking about the Apple TV app.


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