Apple TV app not working on Roku? Here’s a quick fix


Apple TV microconsoles and digital media players are used by many, but those with Apple TV subscriptions can also enjoy similar services on other platforms like Roku through the Apple TV app.

It is a very handy tool when it comes to streaming content from iTunes Store, Apple TV+ and video on demand service. While many people use the Apple TV app on their Roku devices, there is an issue preventing them from doing so lately.

According to several reports from the Apple Support Community, the Apple TV app does not work properly on several Roku devices. Affected users pointed out that they were unable to watch most content from the Apple TV app.

Also, the Apple TV app for Roku gives the ‘Video not available‘ mistake for shows like Ted Lasso, The Morning Show, SEE, and many more. The issue is clearly widespread, but neither Apple nor Roku have commented on it so far.

Even generic troubleshooting steps like restarting the device, reinstalling the Apple TV app, checking for software updates, etc. not help affected Roku users. All of this further adds to the dilemma for users.

I’ve seen this question in other threads. Just set up my Roku Streaming Stick plus and it will work with all other apps. But when I try to stream Apple content, I get the same message “Video not available There is a problem loading this video”. I tried deleting and reinstalling the Apple TV app. No change. I tried restarting the router. No change. I saw a response regarding the need to contact the ISP. But that makes no sense, all other apps work fine. Another strange thing, I can see the “Preview New Apple Originals” just fine.

All apps on Roku work except Apple. Not an internet problem. Click on a show and it says “Video not available. There was a problem loading this video. Check your internet connection.”. I deactivated and reinstalled the application, but I get the same messages

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The exact cause of the problem is unclear, but it could be in the Apple TV app itself. Indeed, user reports clearly indicate that other apps such as HBO Max, Netflix, Disney+ and many more are working fine, while only the Apple TV app is not working properly.

Also, the issue where Apple TV app not working on Roku seems to be around for a while now that reports of it have been circulating for at least March 2021.

It’s possible that Apple and Roku are working on a fix for this issue, but that doesn’t explain why the two vendors haven’t provided any details about it after all this time.

I have a Roku streaming device and it has stopped streaming Apple TV+ shows. It’s been working for weeks, but now it’s showing “video not available”, check your internet connection.

My WiFi and internet are working fine, but this app is not working properly. I restarted the router and streaming device and reinstalled the app, but still can’t get it to work.

Any help there?

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However, affected Roku users can try a simple workaround to get around the “Video Not Available” error while using the Apple TV app. This workaround seems to help several users, so it’s definitely worth a shot.

The workaround is to change the HDMI audio settings from auto-detect to Dolby Digital heading towards the audio heading under the Settings menu then selecting hdmi.

So, if you are also facing the aforementioned issue with the Apple TV app on your Roku device, be sure to try this workaround and let us know if it worked for you by dropping a comment below.


Hopefully Apple and Roku investigate this issue further and fix it in future software updates so that users can enjoy the Apple TV app on their Roku devices without any issues.

That said, we’ll report back with more such stories as we have new information to share, so stay tuned.

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