Apple TV app adds HDR10+ support; What does this mean and why is it important? – The Broadcast


Apple announced a slew of software updates and new tech hardware at its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) on Monday, but perhaps one of the most exciting bits of information to unfold was the reveal that the company will be adding the HDR10+ support to its Apple TV app. Here’s why it matters.

For the uninitiated, HDR stands for High Dynamic Range, which relates to photos and videos. Generally, the human eye can interpret highlights and shadows better than most image sensors, which means people can generally interpret a wider scale of light than the majority of cameras. Traditionally, this meant that filmmakers and photographers had to expose for a set range, knowing they would lose detail, usually in the brightest or darkest sections of a frame.

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HDR overcomes this problem by capturing multiple images – exposing highlights, midtones and shadows – stitching them together to create a complete image. Of course, there are many variations of HDR, each with their own methods of processing images. But regardless of the process, the net effect is a final image that contains more detail than its non-HDR counterparts.

Among the more recent standards is HDR10+, which is often considered a premium HDR standard. In short, HDR10+ adds extra information to every video frame, which promises an even better viewing experience for audiences. However, HDR10+ only works on supported devices, which is often used as a selling point for high-end TVs and monitors.

Dolby has its own high-end competing HDR format – dubbed Dolby Vision HDR – but it’s a more proprietary system and is therefore subject to more licensing agreements than HDR10+, which has somewhat restricted its support. in industry. Still, Apple has supported Dolby Vision HDR since the iPhone X launched in 2017, and soon the company will bring similar love to HDR10+ content.

HDR10+ will be added to the Apple TV app as part of the company’s next major software rollout, which will take place in the fall. This means that iOS devices with OLED screens, Apple TV 4K and some iPads will soon all be able to handle premium HDR content, regardless of the format it was mastered in.


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