Apple could launch a cheaper Apple TV streaming device in 2022, Kuo says


Going forward, if Apple is focusing on the AppleTV+ app and its content and subscribers, who cares whether the AppleTV box is expensive or cheaper? As long as Apple’s Chip department can create a SOC for a smaller, cheaper dongle like Chrome Cast or Roku or an Amazon Fire streaming device that does a better job with the current AppleTV box interface than ALL GOOD. Your current ApplTV box is neither a good game console (like XBOX or PS5) nor a cheaper streaming device.

I have a number of AppleTVs, but this is my biggest right now. It is positioned in a no man’s land compared to the rest of the market. It’s a better-qualified device than most streaming sticks, so it can deliver casual gaming as well. But it’s not a better experience than playing on iPhone, which means we’re not using Apple Arcade on AppleTV at all.

I would prefer a stripped-down AppleTV “stick” that focuses solely on streaming. I love the AppleTV interface and the new remote (even though it’s ridiculously expensive). Something in the $79-$99 range would be perfect.

Next, I wish Apple would really take gaming seriously and try to get good Nintendo-quality content for a high-end gaming device. A $349 AppleTV with premium Apple Arcade games would be amazing with my Apple One subscription.


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