Adsmobile plans to launch Nuestra.TV streaming service


NEW YORK—Adsmovil announced the launch of Nuestra.TV, an AVOD service targeting Hispanic audiences at the end of the second quarter of this year.

Adsmovil, a minority-owned pioneer in mobile advertising and Hispanic digital media, announced that the service will launch with over 40 FAST channels and over 15,000 hours of premium video-on-demand (VOD) content.

Its library of fully downloadable content includes first productions (in English and Spanish) from the United States, Latin America and Spain as well as original content created for the bilingual/bicultural consumer cohort by award-winning creators. Nuestra.TV will also feature educational programs, games, podcasts, UGC, live news and music events.

“We have a decade of deep knowledge in this area, including deep insights into Hispanic consumers and media consumption across all countries of origin, generations and languages,” said Alberto Pardo, President and CEO of the management of Nuestra.TV. “With Nuestra.TV we are in a unique position to provide Hispanic cord cutters with a platform that is inclusive and authentic, and informed by culturally and linguistically relevant, informative and engaging content. Nuestra.TV was created for all Latinos in the United States, including the often overlooked bilinguals/bicultural cohort,”

Hispanics, who make up 62 million people in the United States, are spending less time watching TV in favor of streaming video, especially ad-supported VOD, the company said at NewFronts when it announced the new service.

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated this trend towards VOD and mobile streaming – with 22% of Hispanic TV households cutting the cord over the past three years. Additional research indicates that 95% of Hispanics are likely to continue the habit in the future, primarily using mobile and connected TV and co-watching with members of their household, the company said.

The companies also included statements from several major media buyers discussing the importance of the Hispanic market.

“Over the past few years, the Hispanic community has grown and evolved tremendously in wholeheartedly embracing on-demand streaming apps,” explained Gonzalo Del FA, President of GroupM Multicultural. “Diversity and inclusion are essential elements in today’s media, both on screen and through stories, and the media industry is taking notice. Nuestra.TV, the latest offering from Adsmovil, is a great opportunity for brands to work with a free OTT offering that will more than entertain, but will educate and inspire across generations and languages.

Michael Roca, Managing Director, DE&I Investment, Omnicom MediaGroup added, “There is a pent-up demand to see more positive and inspirational stories/voices that reflect the fact that over 65% of Hispanics were born in the United States and pivot effortlessly between their American and Latin cultures. Passionate marketers who understand that Hispanics are not monolithic are also looking for tailored touchpoints and opportunities to reach this dynamic and elusive audience in authentic and relevant environments. New entries into the Hispanic OTT space, like Nuestra.TV, are ripe for the taking from every vantage point.”

“In the midst of streaming wars and industry trade talks about all things CTV/OTT, the one facet that is often overlooked is the need for cultural context and relevance,” noted Albert Thompson, CEO of digital innovation at Walton Isaacson. nothing like “One Latino”, Nuestra.TV aims to better showcase the stories of these 20+ countries of origin, as well as the United States, on a platform where brands can create memorable impressions.”


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